I’m publishing this note on behalf of my long-time friend, Mike Campbell, the host of the Annual World Outlook Financial Conference. I’ve attended every one of these excellent conferences and I’ve had the honor of speaking at most of them over the past 20 years – including this year’s conference.

Mike puts on a quality conference with excellent speakers. This year the conference will be an online broadcast format so people anywhere in the world can attend – and, all of the content will be available online for subscribers to access at any time for the next year.

I invite you to read Mike’s note and sign up to attend the conference. You will definitely get a lot of great ideas that you will be able to apply to your own investment decisions.


Look, we all know that past success in investing doesn’t guarantee future returns. But have you seen some of the results from last year’s World Outlook Financial Conference? I mean c’mon! Take 2 minutes and check out some highlights from 2020. Then you’ll understand why I say you can’t afford to miss our 2021 keynote speakers and industry experts on Friday and Saturday.
If you already have your access pass for the 2021 World Outlook Financial Conference, congratulations! You’ll be receiving your first pre-show email later today with login links, bookmark instructions, information on how to test your codes, password reset instructions and a host of other pre-show details.

If you haven’t purchased your codes there is still plenty of time. And just a reminder that the new online broadcast format means you can log on anytime Friday and Saturday to watch the scheduled presentation (full agenda here) AND be able to watch everything that has been aired up to that point. PLUS every pass includes unlimited access to the on-demand archive – so no matter what your schedule Friday and Saturday everything from the broadcast, including ALL our industry workshops, will be accessible starting Sunday afternoon.

There are speakers I invited because I want to hear their global market and economic forecasts to understand the potential impact to my long-term financial health. There are speakers I invited because I want to hear specific stock recommendations that I could add to my portfolio Monday morning! And there are workshop speakers who will show me opportunities in Precious Metals, Small Cap Stocks, Real Estate, Private Equity and Money Management Services.

The 32nd annual World Outlook Financial Conference broadcast starts at 4:10pm pacific time Friday February 5th, 2021. I hope you’ll be there! (well, not really there – from the comfort of your home, in your favourite chair, in your cozy clothes, with a cold drink and snacks at hand – you get the idea.) CLICK HERE to order your access pass.

All the best.
Mike Campbell